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December, 1993 - Volume 1, Number 1

York Township, IL. Dec 8, 1993

A bit about my new (since Nov. 16th) digs... I just measured my room, and it's about 9' by 11' excluding the closet. It sounds small, but it's big enough to hold most of the things I need on a physical level. I've got a couch-bed (a foo-ton), a desk, a bookcase, a TV and VCR, and my computer. The footon, desk and bookcase, as well as the room were lovingly furnished by my sister Cate, to whom I am very grateful. (She does let me wander about the rest of the house, and use things such as the kitchen, basement, and dining room.) Most of all, she has given me her companionship and sense of humor which have helped a lot over these last few months.

All of you, like Cate, have helped me out on the emotional and spiritual levels. My real space stretches far beyond 9' x 11'. It reaches about 9 hours worth of time zones or more than a third of the way around the world. I'm truly blessed to have you all in my "room". Thank you for the prayers, and let me assure you that you are all in mine.

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