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Chloe Croteau

Des Plaines, IL. August, 2005. 

Item: New member of the family! On July 30th, we adopted 10 month old Chloe. Yes, another Cocker Spaniel. Seems like I keep on running into them.

Item: The Jean Baptiste Croteau family reunion is almost here. September 4th is not that far away. (Click here for reunion info.) There is not a lot of time left to learn your parts... I've put some learning files on this site.

Item: Florida in July: The Bi-Annual Hurricane Chase. This time, we skirted the storm. The rains were heavier, but the winds were lighter. Sorry, no pics from the storm - too busy concentrating on trying to see the traffic in front of us - but the rest of it was great. More info

Item: An evolving section on Prayers of the Church.

Item: For help with learning the music for the reunion chorus, again I say, check into my music page often. 

Item: I'm still job hunting, so your prayers are appreciated.

More info from some prior versions of this page... Basement, kitchen, patio, etc...

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