Prayersof the Catholic Church

The Liturgy of the Hours

The Liturgy of the Hours, Aka Divine Office, breviary, etc. is another commonprayer of the Church. Like the Mass, there is an official Rite or Liturgy toit, and it is required to be performed by priests and by rule of the order, bymany religious communities. It is fashioned in a number of parts for differenttimes of the day to honor Christ's admonition to "Pray Always". Someof you may have heard of the old Latin names like Complin, Vespers or Lauds,and wondered what they were. These are sections of the Divine Office.

For religiousorders living in community, the "major" hours are usually recited incommon as a service in the chapel or other appropriate place, while the"lesser" hours are sometimes set aside for private contemplation. Ingeneral, recitation in common or in community is preferred for all the hours.

The "Major" Hours

The "Minor" Hours

The Minor hours are often combined into a single “DaytimePrayer”.  If said separately, thePsalmody is 3 each in the “gradual” group – Ps 120-128.

Check out The ebreviary site. Subscription is required, (although some are available for free/sample) but you can download Adobe Acrobat(PDF) format files of the daily Liturgy of the Hours suitable for printingworship aids, or for use on your Palm or other mobile device.