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Some of my favorite Apologetics sites:

Catholic Answers - A Catholic apologetics organization, publishers of This Rock magazine. Great discussion forum!

Bible Christian Society - A weekly apologetics blog.

Catholic Convert - Steve Ray - Apologetics, pilgrimages and more.

St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology - Great resource links from Scott Hahn and Mike Aquilina

Envoy Magazine - A journal of Catholic appologetics.

EWTN Catholic Cable Network. - Watch or listen live or listen to audio clips of past programs. - a general catholic site, members of the Catholic Press Association

Vatican official web site -Vatican news service, archives, documents, information on upcoming events...

Featured Sites of the month - A great site with a search for mass times when you travel.

Arise Advertising Arts - My Son Michael's graphic arts site.

Jeremiah's Crossing - Friends Roger and Kathy Harris' Godly venture.

Mystic Monks Coffee - Great coffee, and they're building a monastery with the proceeds.

General Sites to See

The Hunger Site - Donate food around the world just by visiting once a day. (Web site advertisers pay for the food). A great concept, and simple to do.

Animation Factory - Copy animated GIF files, buttons, borders, backgrounds; all sorts of immages for your web page (like the floating e-mail in a bottle).

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