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Mar 12, When the doorbell rings.   Discussions with Jehovah's Witness missionaries.
Apr 11, The "Glory Be" and the Trinity.   A contemplation of a simple prayer.
Mar 11, Time.   A discussion of time.
Feb 11, I, Pencil.   Political & Economic issues.
Dec 10, Kaskaskia IL.   A slice of Illinois West of the Mississippi.
May 08, Catherine M. Croteau   1919-2008.   God bless you Mom.
July 06, Reunion photos   from the Sept. 2005 Jean Baptiste Croteau gathering.
August 05, reunion music.   A quick set of links to music learning files and reunion info.
July 05, Hurricane Dennis.   We seem to tangle with hurricanes each road trip.
Benedict XVI.   Habemus Papem! We have a Pope.
John Paul II   1920-2005.   A truly great man for our times.
March 2004.   Not much...
November 2003, Hurricane Isabel. The joys of driving through driving rain in the dark.
Thomas A. Croteau   1923-2001.  God bless you Dad.

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